Day: October 2, 2020

All the Must Haves Things For First the Time Chicken OwnersAll the Must Haves Things For First the Time Chicken Owners

Chickens are fun little critters perfect for the sheer enjoyment and appeal of fresh eggs and decorations. Bringing a new flock home is an exciting experience, but the excitement can quickly turn to panic if they arrive without the proper preparation. Most of your money will be urgently spent on buying everything you need for your new herd if you are not prepared.

Read at brief instruction the following list that I have compiled for beginners. With these items in hand, new owners will be ready for some of the more common situations chicken lovers know about.

  1. Food storage container

Mice and other pesky rodents love to feed chickens. In the past, I’d keep my food bags out of pens and wrap them like a bag of potato chips until I saw a mouse running underneath. I am using one for my nutrition and one for treating the scrape and mix pills.

  1. Wells and feeders

Chickens are a messy bunch. As you watch a flock of chickens scratching and pecking, it can be very frustrating to watch them spoil your food and water bowls, especially if you have to clean them multiple times a day. As a chicken beginner, I thought all I could do was give the chicken some old household bowls or utensils,thuốc gà đá

  1. Sand

Chickens love to click in sand and gravel, but he didn’t quite understand that they ate pebbles. Chickens are available outdoors in the summer. Make sure to give them plenty of pebbles and small pebbles to aid in the digestion process.

  1. Places to sleep

Their instinct is to sleep at night, and they’ll find the most extended item on their stand to satisfy that craving, even if it’s new fountains and feeders. Unfortunately, wherever the hen decides to sleep, the hen lacks feces. Wells and feeders are not the right places.

  1. Nestboxes

Chickens will look for the safest place to lay their eggs, and if they are free, this may be the most uncomfortable place possible. Some of my chickens insist on laying their eggs on top of a poem. Providing them with an attractive alternative to the latter often results in eggs that are easy to collect. When chickens are confined without a nest box, they must lay their eggs in all their enclosures. Sometimes this causes the eggs to get dirty or cracked.

  1. Essential oil of oregano

Oregano essential oil is essential for new chicken farmers who prefer to improve their chickens’ general well-being. Whenever a chicken becomes infected or infected, I use an antibiotic ointment as a last resort.

  1. Kieselguhr – Food quality

Chickens like to bathe in dust, which helps you suspect that your flock may be infected with mites or lice. Diatomaceous earth is a mixture of clay, iron oxide, and silica-based minerals from fossil remains.

  1. chicken saddles

A new chicken farmer who chooses to house roosters and chickens together should watch their chickens closely for any signs of a rooster cock. Roosters often mean well with their chickens. Ensuring the safety of your chickens is their goal in life, but they sometimes find it very difficult to mate with roosters. Sometimes thick roosters have a favorite hen that they breed with more than others, most of the time, they go bald, and sometimes the rooster seriously injures them.

  1. Chicken towel

At some point, you may need to lift and handle the chicken. You may need medical attention or be transferred to another location. In these situations, I always wait for the dark to treat my chickens if possible. At night they feel sleepy and easy to catch. However, if it is an emergency and I need to treat my chickens as soon as possible, I can usually pick them up in the corner with a large towel.

  1. Candy

Processors are, of course, a must-have for new chicken farmers. What is the pleasure if women are not rewarded for their efforts? Chickens love leftovers, mealworms, cooked oatmeal, and occasional cat food.

Chickens are eating cat food insanely! They like protein, especially in winter.

Meals are a fun way to interact with chicken because it promotes healthy relationships between the owner and the chicken.

  1. Vegetable garden/pumpkin seeds

Not only are pumpkin patches fun to have in October, but they are also a great natural preventative measure against parasites. Chickens like to eat pumpkin and seeds, which are very beneficial to them. Parasite prevention and cargo lanterns are just a bonus. If I don’t have room for a pumpkin patch, I’ll bring some pumpkins for the ladies and gentlemen. I always find pumpkin cuttings in local gardens – don’t be shy, ask! You will be surprised how many pumpkins are thrown away or rot.
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